Saturday, June 17, 2006

how the world cup needs to be put into perspective

funny, as i was typing the title, the commentator just said "put into perspective".

anyways, i'm watching ghana take on the czech republic. ghana scored early. it's now the 24th minute, and the commentators are wondering if the czechs can "come back". you see, this is what i don't get about soccer - the overdramatizations. they're down by a goal. a goal is what you aim to do. if they do it once, they tie. i could see if they were down two. but they're down one, and anything can happen. stop with the "comeback".

someone just tripped and is carrying around like they were shot. that's the other overdramatic thing that bugs me: players acting like little girls after they're fouled. it's like i'm watching a field full of vlade divacs playing soccer.

which gets me thinking.

you know, after the US got blown out, everybody was mocking our soccer program nonstop. how could we lose to the czechs? we'll never be a worldwide power. how can a country this large play this small?

but what everyone doesn't realize - and again, the overdramatization - is that our top athletes are not playing soccer. i'm not saying they're not athletic or debating what type of sport is the most athletic. i'm just saying that our top athletes are not playing soccer. but, in other countries, they are.

but what if we did?

here's just one man's US soccer team, if our country's best athletes were in the program:

GOALIE - lebron james
DEFENDER - terrell owens
DEFENDER - kevin garnett
DEFENDER - ladanian tomlinson
MIDFIELDER - derek jeter
MIDFIELDER - lance armstrong
MIDFIELDER - dwyane wade
MIDFIELDER - oscar de la hoya
STRIKER - allen iverson
STRIKER - floyd mayweather, jr.
STRIKER - reggie bush

yeah, i'd think this team would dominate.

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TessaJ said...

Ha ha! I was just reading your NBA posts and thinking, "He really needs to post about the World Cup," as soccer is my favorite sport. It's so elegant, and you're right, very dramatic (but look at how many games go 0-0; one goal is HUGE!)

Funny, I just got into a huge fight about this with a friend of mine; he couldn't fathom why anyone would be obsessed about soccer because of the possibility of a "tie" and for him, the concept of having a winner/loser is the whole point of sport. Having a tie game be the final is therefore pointless.