Tuesday, June 20, 2006

how it's a bad day for good vibes

well, the bad guys won the nba championship.

in the fourth quarter, they had a pretaped interview with shaquille o'neal, and he said that he wanted to get a ring for coach riley, alonzo mourning, gary payton and dwyane wade.

now, for all intents and purposes, shaq comes across as a good guy. and it's cool he got his title before kobe did.

but pat riley, however, is the king of bad vibes. from the way he ditched the knicks (yeah, i'm still bitter) to the way he dumped stan van gundy this year, well, he reeks of it.

then he mentioned alonzo mourning, who signed a huge contract with the nets, then unfortunately contracted kidney disease, then watched as the nets still paid him and supported him through therapy, then demanded a trade the moment he was able to come back, and then refused to report to toronto when he was. yeah, no good vibes there.

and then there's gary payton, who achieved the virtually impossible task of being the least likeable nba superstar ever, someone who pouts at any available moment, someone who complained to the ref DURING GAME SIX and had a pass from his teammate bounce off his back. yeah, no good vibes there.

dwyane wade? he deserves everything good. what a ballplayer.

but riles, zo and payton?

your 2005-2006 nba champion, the miami heat. satan's wet dream.

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