Tuesday, June 06, 2006

how it's all about tony

everyone i've talked to has been ripping the season finale of "the sopranos".

and, i gotta tell you, for a season finale, i don't necessarily disagree. i could have done without the scene in the hospital with tony and phil leotardo. it sapped the tension away for the next six months.

but, after thinking about it, i really liked the episode, especially the ending, as what it was concepted to be - as a series finale.

we're at the sopranos house for christmas. attending are his turkeynecked nephew christapha, who sleeping with the woman tony wants. his feckless son AJ is there with his puerto rican/dominican/catholic older girlfriend and her son. meadow, his level-headed daughter, seemingly escaped to california, he has the spector of new york killing someone close to him hanging over his head.

and yet, AJ's girlfriend tells carmela, "you have a lovely house, mrs. soprano".

and when you think about it, that's exactly what the show is about: keeping up appearances. tony goes to therapy because his life is out-of-control and he's questioning everything, but as a boss, he can't show it. he needs his exterior to portray one thing although the insides are all over the place.

simply, his house is a mess, but he has to make it appear like it's in order.

which makes that last line so right for a series finale.

but for a season finale? could've been better.

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