Monday, April 05, 2010

how to remember a friend

here's my favorite memory of mitchell lee bryant jr.: i drove the eight hours from atlanta to lousiville to finish up a project we started months before. but truthfully, i drove up because i needed a break from my life and i wanted to live in lee's whimsical world for what became a hilarious weekend. to top it off, he took me to a soul food restaurant that the owner only opened for people she liked. and, of course, who couldn't like lee? so we had this amazing dinner - the best fried green tomatoes ever. and through it all, lee had this smirk on his face, as if he were holding something back. he was. for our "dessert", lee arranged to have our palms read. you see, the owner just wasn't a cook; she was also a witch doctor.

that was my friend lee: completely unpredictable, never boring and always considerate.

miss ya, big guy.