Tuesday, December 23, 2008

how these would be the coolest xmas gifts ever

seriously, if anyone got me either this or this, you might have a new best friend.

of course, the first lady of steveohville wouldn't necessarily be happy about it.

but it's hitch, baby!

Monday, December 15, 2008

how this struck me as weird

i saw this in the toilet stall at o'hare airport in terminal F. it's a new way to protect your ass while sitting on the seat. here's the directions:

So wht happens is that you wave your hand in front of this sensor with the number "96 on it".

then a plastic covering on the toilet seat rotates around, so you sit on a new plastic covering.

then the sensor displays the number "95", which i guess means that there's 95 plastic coverings left for this particular seat.

seems like a lot of work for a men's toilet. and it makes me wonder what the hell goes on in the women's shitter at o'hare.

seriously, what goes on in there?

how maintaining two blogs is not easy

as you can tell from my complete ignorance of the speakeasy, it's been a chore to keep up with two blogs - especially when one of them requires me to write every single day (while keeping a full-time writing job on the side).

that being said, i'm gonna do my best to make this work.

i might be here once a week. at the very least, i'll post some links that made me laugh. at the very best, i'll post something original once a week or so.

but i gotta tell you, it's creatively draining.

so here's some links (for now):

an incredibly accurate description of what the process of an advertising agency making a christmas card looks like - "peanuts" style.

see who google thinks is the worst band in the world.

shit, my plane is boarding.

i'll try to find more later.