Monday, December 15, 2008

how maintaining two blogs is not easy

as you can tell from my complete ignorance of the speakeasy, it's been a chore to keep up with two blogs - especially when one of them requires me to write every single day (while keeping a full-time writing job on the side).

that being said, i'm gonna do my best to make this work.

i might be here once a week. at the very least, i'll post some links that made me laugh. at the very best, i'll post something original once a week or so.

but i gotta tell you, it's creatively draining.

so here's some links (for now):

an incredibly accurate description of what the process of an advertising agency making a christmas card looks like - "peanuts" style.

see who google thinks is the worst band in the world.

shit, my plane is boarding.

i'll try to find more later.

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TheCroz (tm) said...


You should publish your TWE's blog as a book every couple of years as a keepsake.

Just a thought.