Tuesday, October 06, 2009

how i can't believe it's been an entire year

i just spent the last twenty minutes reliving the best day of my life that happened one year ago today, and i've never been any happier than i am right now.

wyatt, i'm so limitlessly happy that you're my son. you're everything i've always wanted, and the idea that i can be your dad for the rest of my life is the most amazing thought i can wish for. you mean everything to me. i love you so much.

lisa, i'm so proud of you. i've seen you grow so much not only as my wife but also as the mother of my son. and there's nobody else i'd rather have as a partner. wyatt's so damn lucky to have you. heck, i'm so damn lucky to have you.

and to gram, grampa and grandpa, thank you for setting such a great example for him to follow. i'm sure grandma is very proud of him.

love you, kiddo.