Thursday, June 29, 2006

how this public service announcement needs its own public service announcement

just saw a "the more you know" public service announcement from nbc that makes no sense.

some dude from "lost" says: "surfing the net is just like riding a wave in open water. you gotta look out for sharks. be careful out there".

and then we hear a woman VO that says, "brought to you by sleep train mattress centers."

okay, what?

why is a mattress store so concerned with online pedophiles? or identity theft? or computer viruses?

and second - can you be more cryptic with your advice? what are you alluding to, nbc? who are you concerned for? or are you really concerned about our welfare? maybe what they're saying is "watch out! make sure when you surf the net that you don't watch pirated clips from our shows on outlaw websites like youtube. only watch it on tv or our website, that's"

i'm dumbfounded. i don't know what to think and now i fear that the shark's gonna get me.

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