Monday, June 26, 2006

how chinatown never disappoints

you know how you see a dj in the club, and he's got one of his headphones pressed in his ear to get the next song queued up, and he's kinda mouthing the beat to himself as he's doing this.

okay, get that image in your head. got it? good.

now today, while walking in chinatown, this is what i saw.

replace the dj with a rather odd older man, probably still living with his mother, with five long hairs emanating from his lucky mole.

replace the headphone pressed to his ear with a hot cup of coffee.

and replace the mouthing of a beat with a hummed rendition of "when the saints go marching in".

yep. there you have it. that's what i saw.

forget it, steve. it's chinatown.

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