Thursday, June 22, 2006

how it was hard for me to be a knicks fan with isiah thomas as general manager

it's gonna be downright excruciating for me now that larry brown is out and isiah thomas has also taken on the coaching reins.

so we took the one qualified guy in the organization, the genius coach, the championship coach, the guy who had one way of playing ball - the right way - which is also a winning way, the guy who is renown for completely turning around a team in his second season - and fired him after one year.

and we took the one guy who shouldn't be running a thing - who ran the CBA into the ground, who proved himself by crapping up the toronto raptors, who coached the indiana pacers to a couple of underachieving seasons - and gave him full control.

and by doing this, we empower stephon marbury, a guy who's won nothing his entire career and has inspired nothing but contempt from his teammates, to run the show.

great. the grave has been dug deeper.

of course, the guy who hired and fired these guys is the biggest fool of them all. he's the guy who has the loudest voice in the sports bar who doesn't know a damn thing about basketball but he thinks he does. and, since he knows he's loud and everyone has to hear him, he doesn't shut up. and every time he opens his mouth, you realize he's just an ignorant blowhard and he just makes a bigger ass of himself. but in this case, he's the owner, he's the guy we can't fire.

i hope these guys make a dent, because i'm at the end of my rope.

step in, david stern. step in. the city of new york needs your intervention.

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