Tuesday, June 13, 2006

how to follow up on the born again

so they actually wrote a full article with photos detailing stephen baldwin's appearance in staten island. and i was there to steal it.

here's the born again baldwin, in all his glory (or at least what passes for glory when your career is now at c-level):

and here's the insides of his born again mobile:

and here you go if you want to read the truly enthralling article about this momentous occasion that will surely be talked about for decades and passed along generations.


Tony Two Toes said...


Typical, yet one more slam on something that some people find to be very important in their lives.

You're so open minded and tolerant of just about EVERYTHING but...Christianity.

Check me out: said...

actually, if you read what i wrote, you would realize that i'm making fun of the fact that my hodunk hometown had a reporter and photographer out to cover a story about a c-list actor who picked up his vehicle on the island. if you read what i wrote, you would realize that i never once made fun of his beliefs. it is a born-again mobile. look at it. that's not mocking it. it's stating what it is.

but then again, that's typical, that someone would read this and be open minded and tolerant of everything but...christianity.