Sunday, June 25, 2006

how radiohead just threw down the gauntlet

there's a great article about radiohead in this week's new yorker. it said that they are basically an instrumental band, with their strongest instrument simply a voice.

well, their show last night was one of the best shows i've ever seen. and yeah, there's just something hypnotic about thom yorke's voice live. it echoes. it penetratres. it pierces. it's dreamlike in quality, and with the incoming fog from the city into berkeley, well, yeah, it was a nice place to be.

and the lighting and stage presence by the rest of the band just completely grips you. if you haven't seen them live, stop depriving yourself. i heard they were great. now i know.

here's the greek theater, by the way:

and here's radiohead playing live (seriously, that's them):

raconteurs, pearl jam and chili peppers - you're on notice. the stakes have been raised this summer.

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Joe said...

Whoa! I was sitting right there for that show! Well, not in the picture, but a little to your left. Man, that was an awesome show, I broke into tears of JOY when I heard Paranoid Android. That song was the first real song that got me into them.