Saturday, June 17, 2006

how hockey could still be the coolest sport on earth

just watched the opening of game six of the stanley cup playoffs in edmonton.

they had an opera singer come out to sing the american and canadian national anthems. he's the same guy who's sung most of the year at oiler games.

anyways, he begins to sing the american national anthem, and the whole crowd - the whole canadian crowd - sings along, drowning him out. it's not even their anthem, and they were as vociferous as any american crowd.

then he began to sing the canadian national anthem (which is, for my money, the most gorgeous of all national anthems). and he sings about three or four lines, and then, he stops - and the crowd takes over and finishes.

c'mon, hockey. you've got the goods. you're gonna have to meet way more than halfway, but i'm pulling for you to come back to us.

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