Friday, June 09, 2006

how every steak i've ever eaten in my life just got knocked down a notch

so, during last night's monthly "steak night" extravaganza, i just ate the most amazing piece of meat ever.

it's at this place in town called boboquivari's the steak.

a little background: they age their steaks 6-8 weeks before it hits your mouth. that's what peter luger's does, too. and, because of that, it was just, well, juicy, and rich, a little buttery (but natural tasting), and smooth and soft and just...well, i wept internally when i finished my last piece. even the fat was delicious.

it was otherwordly good. in fact, this is what the heavens must taste like.

we debated whether or not to order another steak between the three of us to share.

but we decided to wait another month for it.

my mouth waters.

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