Wednesday, June 07, 2006

how all crazy people have a new measuring stick to aim for

here's a video of the craziest person on the planet. i know that's a large claim to make. i know there's a lot of firm competition out there for that title. but i firmly believe this statement, and this is coming from someone who relies completely on public transportation.

once again: this moron is far and away the biggest lunatic on the planet.

for the record, i'm not referring to either hannity or colmes.

somewhere in heaven, jesus is wearing fake glasses and a mustache and claiming ignorance on this matter.

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: perennial craziest person contender ann coulter has responded to the abdication of her crown with this coldhearted attack on the widows of 9/11. we hear you loud and clear, ann coulter. you one crazy bitch.

i can't wait to see how tom cruise reacts.

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