Monday, June 26, 2006

how james dolan is still an idiot

so the head of the knicks, james dolan, makes a public statement that isiah thomas has one year to right the ship or he's gone.


okay, i get that he's finally waking up to the fact that isiah is the worst man for the job. thank the lord on that. he's only three years too late. there's no argument there.

but by giving isiah an ultimatum, he's forcing his hand, which is to:

1. trade away all young assets for debilitating contracts in an effort to win now.
2. force more pieces that don't fit to play together.
3. take chances on players that you normally wouldn't.

yep. expect channing frye and david lee, two young, useful and cheap pieces to the puzzle, as good as gone. expect kenyon martin and his balky knee in. expect steve francis and stephon marbury to chuck up shots at a vomitous rate. expect desperate trades. expect our draft picks kaput.

expect the future - and the hopes of a forgiving salary cap, the only way to win a championship - gone because of a stupid ultimatum and a desperate grasp for the 8th seed in the eastern conference playoffs.

hey, who among us wouldn't react that way to keep a job they love?

so, in a vain grab at making the 2006-2007 somewhat useful, james dolan, our fearless leader, is getting the soil ready for digging a bigger grave.

again, idiot.

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