Sunday, June 11, 2006

how to catch up on netflix this weekend

two reviews from dvds that have been sitting on my table for at least a month:

starring jake gyllenhall, peter sarsgaard and jamie foxx
directed by sam mendes

this movie didn't get the highest of reviews when it premiered. maybe that was because so much was expected of mendes but also of editor walter murch and the cast. but i really dug it, i really did. i thought it was a really interesting war story to tell - of going mad by waiting for war, and then not being able to do your job when it begins. gyllenhall was good, but as usual, sarsgaard stole the show, this time in a completely non-creepy way. it's beautifully shot - mendes can sure pick his color pallette and cinematographers - and, well, i never lost interest. i was totally into it from start to finish. isn't that all you can ask from a movie?

a history of violence
starring viggo mortensen and maria bello
directed by davis cronenberg

it's funny how i just wrote that all you can ask from a movie is that you be into it from start to finish. right now, i'm writing this review as the movie plays. it completely lost me in the first twenty minutes by being so slow moving. i paid attention to the major parts, but the storyline was/is just to scarce for me to give a shit. nothing happens at all between the main plot points. of course, it's beautifully shot by cronenberg - i mean, that's why he's chosen to direct it too - and it's a good idea. it just did nothing for me.

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