Friday, June 16, 2006

how macy's and others can kiss my big fat white ass

let's recap the last 48 hours of my life:

1. strange pain on my quad above my right knee caused by who knows what.
2. two months of work crapped up by my client.
3. five weeks of work ruined by a bad brief.
4. all my possessions at work - notebooks, art books, creative briefs - mysteriously moved or thrown away. has yet to be found. probably will not.

and, last but definitely not least...

5. for the second time in ten weeks, macy's fails to deliver a couch i ordered. last time, it arrived with a shattered leg. this time, i get a call that it's "missing a leg" and "has a cracked frame". ladies and gentlemen, i give you macy's department store, a company that sells stuff it cannot deliver.

like i said before, ladies and gentlemen, macy's can kiss my big fat white ass.

i type this post, by the way, from an inflatable bed that i've bent in half to act like my temporary couch. it's rather comfortable, actually. too bad i am not in college.

did i mention that my cabdriver almost got into a fistfight with a man that he almost cut off? did i mention that?

and did i mention that none of the items i have listed are my fault?

there's no way to miss the point of all this. i am painting on progress.

stay far away from me.

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