Sunday, April 30, 2006

how to measure greatness

i don't like kobe bryant - and i'm not talking about the whole rape allegation thing. i think he could actually play a team game, within a team concept, but he's just too selfish.

but, you know what? maybe he shouldn't. i mean, he is the greatest player in the world. and it has nothing to do with his 81 point game, or his 35 points a game average.

no, it has everything to do with how, in game four of his best-of-seven series against the suns, when he took the driving raindrop layup to tie the game in regulation and the fadeaway foul line extended jumper to win in overtime, that i knew - and i think everyone else in the world knew - that he was gonna make them.

and he did.

there wasn't any question about it. they were going in.

and that, my friends, is greatness.

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