Saturday, April 08, 2006

how even the craziest of the crazy thinks george w. bush is crazy

my friend sarah at crazyvirgo posted a four-minute interview with san francisco local celebrity frank chiu.

here's a very quick bio on frank:

- he spends his days walking around san francisco with a picket sign, trying to find a protest line to join or making his own.

- his picket sign says - and it changes every day - something to the effect of, and i quote, "impeach clinton. 12 galaxies guiltied to altratonic rocket society". he usually changes the presidents - going all the way back to george washington. and altratonic is swapped out with other "words" ending in tronic. or tonic. or something else unintelligible.

- he believes that he and his family have been secretly videotaped for a tv show called "the richest family". he was told this by kgb agents disguised as space aliens. they also told him that there's been a conspiracy from the first president until now that has kept him and his family not only in the dark about the show but also from getting paid. don't argue about the chronology of it all. i know. it doesn't make sense. but it has to be true. nobody can make this up.

- he believes everyone has been brainwashed by our government. (actually, he might be on to something).

- he won "best san francisco protestor" in the san francisco bay guardian "best of the bay" issue of 2001.

- everybody in the city knows who he is.

and, in this amazing and unprecedented four-minute interview with him, this poor man takes time out of his busy and very important campaign to condemn our current president and his policy in iraq.

it's worth four minutes of your time.

it's more than classic.

it's classictonic.

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