Sunday, April 23, 2006

how advertising works when advertising is smart

i know i killed the early work that crispin porter and bogusky has done for volkswagon, and i'm not reneging from that. i hate those "fast" spots. they've sabotaged decades worth of humanity from the vw canon.

but i gotta tell you that i love the brand new vw work.

you've seen them. they're the ones with people talking about rhetorical stuff while driving, obviously half paying attention to the road - just like we all do - until, all of a sudden, wham! they're in a car accident. but not only them; us.

then there's a quick cutaway to minutes later, with everyone safe.

and then, a quick cut to a silent title card, with a quick copy point about how vw cars have the highest safety rating. safety happens.

why do these ads rock?

1. we're in the jetta with them. it's the way they're shot. we're passengers.
2. we get in the accident.
3. we see the jetta react to the instant impact.
4. everyone's okay.

safety happens.

if you're not shaken up right after watching it, then you ain't human. and if you don't take away that you're safe in a jetta, then you're just not gonna feel safe anywhere.

it's so much better than an announcer talking about all the safety features. we hear that bullshit ad copy. it means nothing. anyone can find anyone to claim that.

but these vw ads? i was just in an accident, and i am okay.


it's so much better to show and feel than to tell and preach. but, as usual, that'll be ignored by client. people respond to facts, they'll say. well, they don't. people feel. make them feel safe instead of telling them they'll feel safe.

ah, in one ear and out the other.

anyways, i'm envioius of those spots.


Anonymous said...

totally on the "shit, I wish I thought of that" list.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought it was cool when the British did it a few years back (exactly the same way) as a PSA. I think their tagline was, "Didn't see that coming? Nobody ever does." or something to that effect. I guess, I wish I had done the original more than the rip-off.

Single, Party of One said...

Those fucking Brits. They're just smarter than us, at least in advertising. Sons o bitches.