Saturday, April 01, 2006

how this might never be topped

one of the great websites out there is, which compiles reviews for every movie that premieres and then rates it either fresh or rotten. basically, if 60% of the reviews are positive, it's considered fresh.

"basic instinct 2" just earned a rotten score that was, i shit you not, 6% fresh.

so that means 6% of the critics who saw it liked it.

ladies and gentlemen, that's borderline impossible.

please consider that many critics aren't critics at all; they're just handsomely influenced hacks endowed by the major studios. basically, they get paid to say nice things. they have not a critical bone in their bodies. it takes a major crapbomb of monumental proportions for them not to like it.

once again, "basic instinct 2". six percent fresh.

which means it just made my must-see list, just for the sheer curiosity of watching something completely horrible.

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