Saturday, April 08, 2006

how i should read more cafefully

because it's been out of mind and, until now, out of the way, i never really took advantage of trader joe's to buy organic foods. i have been there and i have shopped there and i do love everything they sell - and i trust them - but until recently, i just haven't gone much.

but it's not far from me now, so they've become my new grocery store.

i went there a couple of weeks ago and loaded up on fish and other good stuff. i even bought some chicken nuggets, which i decided to make for dinner tonight.

but i noticed something when i opened the package. it's actually chickenless nuggets made from soy.


well, i'm adventurous and open-minded about these things. plus, i can't return it. so i heated up the oven, placed the nuggets on a baking tray and let it cook for 8-10 minutes.

to hedge my bets, however, i quickly made some honey mustard (real easy: melted butter + honey + dijon mustard) so even if the chickenless nuggets sucked, i could mask it and try to fool my palette.

didn't work. horrible.

and it's not the soyken nugget's fault. i love chicken. i love all meats. that is who i am. soy does not jive with me.

i am a meatarian.

hear me grill.

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