Sunday, April 02, 2006

how monday night's gonna be interesting

there really isn't much difference between ucla and florida.

they're both young.
they've both got active bigs.
their guards take care of the ball.
they both D up like mad.

in fact, they're basically mirror images of each other, but with two big differences:

1. if florida hits the three - or rather, if lee humphrey hits the three - they're gonna win. but that involves humphrey getting open and his body squared up. and, as we've seen through five games so far, ucla does not let that happen.

advantage: ucla.

2. ucla's bigs were able to give lsu's bigs problems because they were so much longer than them. but that isn't gonna be the case against florida. and ryan hollins' knee injury is really gonna hamper him in dealing with joakim noah.

advantage: florida.

honestly, they couldn't have paired up two more even teams.

with that being said, my brain says ucla.

but my gut says florida.

if i had to pick one, i'd go with my brain. but my gut puts up a very persuasive argument.

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