Saturday, April 29, 2006

how i'm not a football guy

but i do know that you can measure a top draft pick's size and speed and strength, but to measure their heart, you gotta watch the film.

and i watched reggie bush run circles around college players in a way not seen since gale sayers.

and i never heard of mario williams until a couple of weeks ago, and even still, ten of his 14½ sacks in 2005 came in just three games and against lesser opponents. and, on top of that, half of his six sacks in 2004 came in one outing, although, granted, the opponent was florida state - a not-top-quality seminole team.

all i'm saying is that pro athletes are all talented. it's all about who wants it more, who works harder. and all you need to do is watch the tape to figure that out. that's how you measure heart.

the houston texans will rue this day.

not choosing reggie bush is that big of a mistake.

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