Tuesday, April 18, 2006

how it's been awhile

sorry i haven't posted in five days or so. been busy. after all, i am the decider.

here's a trough of stuff that i've been meaning to say or share.

1. the correct adjective to go before "unibrow" is "bitchin'".

2. these commercials for dr. jang and associates dentistry in san francisco are the best ads ever.

3. i've been listening more and more to pandora.com, which is a music project where they've categorized every song possible by a number of different categories. when you pick a song or artist to listen to, they'll not only play that song, but then it will also play other songs that are much like it. so basically, it recommends music to you once you tell it what you like. anyways, i have learned that it's better to type in a song than an artist. an artist can have variance in their work, but a song is stable. so i typed in "thunder road", and listened to "reason to believe" by rod stewart, "jealous guy" by gavin mcgrew, "man of the hour" by pearl jam, "another man's done gone" by billy bragg and wilco, and then "real good looking boy" by the who. oh yeah, great stuff. check it out.

4. last night's "american idol" was indeed fantastic. if this were a real contest based on ability, katharine, paris and chris would be heads and shoulders above the field. but, as we learned with ace advancing last week, that it's not about performance. kelly should go this week, but she's carried by the country-western vote. we'll see what happens. they don't have bucky around anymore to share her votes with. i bet she stays somehow and elliott loses. by the way, and i know i mentioned this before, but with each week, from stevie wonder to kenny rogers to queen to the great american songbook, it just blows me away how crappy today's music is. there's a complete lack of songmanship, craft, lyrical integrity and earnestness nowadays. it showed in the week when they performed songs from this decade. and it's even more glaring when we hear how other genres and artists from the past outshine today's music.

5. tomkat had a baby girl. can we now stop caring about this?

6. they named it suri. now that's funny.

7. "suri" are four letters found in "cruise". also found in "cruise"? "ruse".

8. bradgelina, the bar has been raised. for your child, i expect something unspellable.

9. during "24", there was an advertisement for a movie called "the sentinel" where keifer sutherland plays a special agent for the government. so jack bauer, who is best known for playing jack bauer, goes on the big screen to play jack bauer. that's as much of a stretch as rigor mortis.

10. by the way, is there anything more disgusting and incomprehensible than the movie to be released called "united 93", which is about 9/11? i don't know how long it takes to capitllize on a national tragedy, but i know it's too soon. way too soon. and if anyone thinks that hollywood is gonna handle this gently, understand that the only thing they'll handle like that is the money they rake in. just the thought of this film makes me vomit.

11. seven top generals criticize donald rumsfeld and the war, and bush couldn't care less. what more does this man have to say or do to be impeached? oh that's right. a blowjob. someone give this president a blowjob, stat!

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