Thursday, April 20, 2006

how there can't be much advancement in that

now that white house press secretary scott mcclellan has "resigned", i wonder where he will go next.

i mean, for the last couple of years, he has stood in front of a pool of reporters and a whole nation and lied, decepted, played word games, practiced semantics and basically did everything he could to spin, spin, spin.

and everyone knew it.

it's in the job description, no matter the party.

so, whoever hires him is doing so knowing that they're basically hiring a professional liar and deceiver, skilled in the craft of double-speak.

so, basically, unhireable.

so i went to wikipedia to see what previous white house press secretaries did after "resigning".

ari fliescher opened up his own consulting firm. george stephanopoulos became a political analyst for abc news.

and, you know what, there really wasn't much for anyone else.

so good luck, scott, on your next life, whatever that may be. because whatever it is, i'm sure you won't give us a straight answer.

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