Monday, April 10, 2006

how i assumed incorrectly

i was wrong.

your favorite neighborhood blogger posted about how the duke lacrosse team - by virtue of being a large collection of college jocks at a party - most likely did what they were accused of doing: raping a stripper. and i said that people might change, but never a large group of people.

but now, with some time-marked photos showing the stripper's state when she arrived to the party and DNA samples coming up negative, i was wrong.

and, guessing by the aftermath, so was the duke chancellor for cancelling the season and causing the duke lacrosse coach to quit. and also every single columnist who jumped to judgement. and duke students who turned their back on their fellow classmates. and everybody else who jumped on the bandwagon.

i just wonder how many of them will admit to it.

i'm betting it's one less than me.

well, at least i was wrong. i'm sorry.

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