Friday, April 21, 2006

how i don't know what to make of her

i just got back from the chris and rich robinson acoustic show at the fillmore (they are the singer and guitarists for the black crowes). anyways, it was a kind of boring set. they just sat there and played songs from their not-so-great albums. chris' voice grates on you after awhile, but rich can really play the strings. he really can. and, to be honest, they're really missing something without the organ in their show. it's an added texture that takes the nasalness out of the vocals. but that's just me.

and that's not what i wanted to blog about anyways.

there was a woman who stood next to me. she danced like one of those toys that you had when you were a kid that collapsed whenever you pressed the base of the toy in (it's hard to explain). anyways, think elaine from "seinfeld" meets raj from "what's happening". she was that smooth.

she also stunk to high heaven. and she dressed in a very attractive red shirt with candy cane pants.

but that's not even what struck me about her.

you know how a singer will talk to the crowd in between songs, and it's not just a conversation, but merely a chance for the band to get themselves together for the next song? every performer does it. anyways, i truly believe that this woman thought that chris robinson was having a conversation only with her, because she responded to him every chance she got.

and it wasn't even interesting. she was completely bland. i mean, it was interesting in how bland and deluded she was.

here's a bunch of examples of what kept me entertained throughout the show, and i urge you to keep in mind that i am not making any of this up:

chris: "can you believe i'm gonna be 40 in december?"
woman: "i'm fifty!"

chris: (as he went on and on with some hippie talk about george bush and america's timidity in standing up to him) "and i think i've been rambling on and i'm not really sure where i was headed with that."
woman: "i completely got the gist! we are a complacent people."

chris: "you have no idea how lucky we are that a place like the fillmore exists."
woman: "oh, i believe it."

chris: "here's some of our new stuff."
woman: "i would like to hear it."

i'm not making any of this up. she actually said that, as if they were sitting on a couch together, having a conversation, passing time. it was fantastic to observe. it truly was.

so i guess it was worth it. the deluded are always fun.

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