Thursday, April 13, 2006

how it's not a hallucination

it's 1 am. i just got home. i press "38" on my remote for espn. only "8" is inputed.

i get an infomercial.

john tesh is speaking about connie sellecca. and then teri garr is talking about connie sellecca.

are they selling connie sellecca? i didn't know she was for sale.

but then they're talking about how she's a perfectionist and she doesn't compromise, and then i heard the words "frankincense", "myrrh" and something called "sandalwood".

i hear the theme song from "the greatest american hero" tv show - believe it or not.

then tesh is back on, and he's talking about this product that connie selleca made. it's called the sellecca solution and it's a cream you put on your face that helps you in the fight against wrinkles.

oh, it's based on an ancient egyptian formula. she developed it from the ground up. it works, and she's willing to bet her reputation on it.

did i mention that this was developed by connie sellecca, star of, well, "the greatest american hero", a movie or tv series called "captain america" that i don't remember but does, and the countless made-for-tv movies?

then again, who else would know about the dermotology of ancient egyptians? you? tom cruise? ancient egyptians? hieroglyphics?

no, only connie sellecca knows the secrets of ancient egyptians facial care. and she's sharing it with you for a low price of $9.99 if you call now with a major credit card handy.

it's a no-brainer.

awesome. what a late night treat.


RBrown said...

The three wise men - not so wise, huh? If only they'd chosen sandalwood instead of gold to go with the frankincense and myrrh. Who knews where biblical history would've gone? You can damn well be sure it would've been absolutely RADIANT and a lot less wrinkled and age-spotted. And they probably would've walked on air.

How I Died Today said...

She was also in "Hotel" with James Brolin who is now married to Babs Striesand, who could probably use a little Sellecca cream herself