Saturday, April 01, 2006

how it's been a while since i last posted

blame it on a 75-hour work week (and counting) and a still miserable ankle.

it's a good thing i remembered everything i wanted to share. okay, here goes them:

first off, welcome back johnny luxury and his guide to awesome living. your stewardship was sorely missed. kinda

also, welcome tracy and her blog - "how i died today" - which is so goddamn funny that i almost died today.

you know that idea that every guy in the world has had at one time or the other? someone actually physically did it.

here's chuck klosterman's review of axl rose's long-awaited "chinese democracy". and yes, i know.

this article made me metaphorically weep, but then again, it couldn't have ended any better, so que sera sera.

i just watched her latest video, and britney spears has really let herself go.

somewhere up there, jesus shakes his head and vows to tighten his employment qualifications.

and, speaking of, i'm gonna end it on a great line from "real time with bill maher" last night - "the only thing george w. bush has in common with jesus is that they both followed into their father's business and were crucified for it."


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