Tuesday, April 04, 2006

how i'm getting sick of some people

i like duke basketball. there, i said it. i'm also a jeff gordon fan in nascar, so you could say that i've got a soft spot for the hated. but i gotta tell you, each time i see coach krzyzewski in a commercial, i like duke basketball less.

the spots just seem so pandering, so self-uplifting, so arrogant, that it justifies everything people hate about duke - and the person that most exemplifies them.

which means that if i see another american express or chrysler commercial with coach k, i might swallow my vomit.

and while i'm on the subject of swallowing my vomit, there is no worse ad out there than the pepsi spot with jimmy fallon and parker posey dancing. i expect this crap from jimmy fallon, who i found funny only at the lowest common denominator. and this spot is the lowest common denominator.

but parker posey? she's the queen of the indies. she was in "dazed and confused" and "party girl" and "kicking and screaming" (the one without will ferrell) and "basquiat" and "the house of yes", and although she's been in crap recently, she's not crap.

or maybe she is. crap tends to cling to crap.

parker, come back to us.

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