Sunday, April 09, 2006

how more thought has to go into song selection

in each ballpark during each major league baseball game, every home team player selects a song to be played while he walks up to the plate. it's a small and sublte jump into the mind and life of a professional ballplayer.

for example, chipper jones plays "crazy train" by ozzy osbourne, so you can assume that chipper's got a bit of a wild side to him.

mike piazza plays "tom sawyer" by rush, which could infer that mikey's into the classics - not only in music but also in life.

and ray durham of the san francisco giants plays "whup that trick" from the movie "hustle and flow".

which, if you ask me, is a great choice. i need to be comforted in knowing that ray durham approves of paying for prostitutes and then beating the crap out of them.

whup that trick, ray. whup that trick.

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