Sunday, April 30, 2006

how this is the absolute coolest thing ever

and i'm not joking about that.

i was just trolling around youtube, and i found - i shit you not - someone who did a re-enactment of one of my commercials.

how cool is that?

and it's done by a little kid.

i'm so touched right now. i just had a horrible day, but this completely turned it around.


here's the spot. it's wide receiver charles rogers doing his first interview as he got drafted into the nfl. he says, "i'm charles rogers. i had 48 catches and 13 touchdowns." all of a sudden, ray lewis starts throwing footballs at him, telling him to sing it. so rogers sings it while using his hands and mouth as a boombox.

again, wow.


Anonymous said...

congrats young soldier. you are now a JEDI Warrior!

Single, Party of One said...

holy shit - you're viral! congrats! you should put that on your website next to the actual spot. Rad.