Wednesday, February 01, 2006

how you can't expect children to be respectful when adults are not

it's one thing for kobe bryant to score 81 points in an nba game. i mean, his team was behind by 14 at halftime, and he scored 55 in the second half when his team needed all of them. you might call him a chucker, and he usually is, but not on that night. he had to take over to win. it was the right thing to do.

it's another for a high school girl to score 113 points in a 137-32 blowout.

but how can you blame her when she's left in the game?

her coach, ed grezinsky, actually said this: "We didn't start off like that to set a record], but she had 58 at halftime. At that point, I said, 'Just let her go.'"

so...since they couldn't stop her, we decided to embarrass them.

they won the game by 105 points. even if their opponent scored all their points in the first half, she still outscored them 58-32, which is a blowout.

then she scored 57 after the half.

again, they won by 105 points.

how is this supposed to be an impressive achievement again? she shot 54-60 from the field. so she basically scored 113 points against an opponent who had no business being on the same court with her, and she got it not in any pressure situations but in a glorified layup line.

basically, she scored 113 points in what seems to be an empty gym.

newsflash! any one of us can do that.

so instead of showing some class and sportsmanship, instead of being a positive role model by showing that in order to gain respect you have to give it, instead of thinking about the awful damage that can be done on their completely overwhelmed opponent, her coach decides to embarrass them further so one of his players gain some inconsequential personal glory.

what's the lesson learned here? if you're gonna beat your opponent badly, make sure you get yours.

at least her coach's name is getting some exposure to people like me. i mean, i didn't start off like that to call him an asshole, but he proved to be an asshole. at that point, i said, "just let it flow".

so coach ed grezinsky, you wanted some notoriety, you got it.

you're an asshole.

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