Monday, February 06, 2006

how jack bauer would be impressed

the only thing more impossible than jack bauer being able to figure out a way to revive a dead man so he could get the coordinates of centeal asian terrorists with the possession of nerve gas is finding episode recaps for "24" online.

seriously, i was throwing things. it shouldn't have been that hard to find.

stupidly, i didn't think about wikipedia until 37 minutes later, but i eventually went there, and sho' enuff, 'twas there.

is there anything wikipedia doesn't have an entry for? and why does it all have the same voice?

seriously, one day i'm gonna wikipedia myself and someone will have written something clinically that would begin like:

Steven Tornello
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Steven Tornello (born in 1974 in Staten Island, New York) is an American advertising copywriter and short film director who gained a degree of fame amongst his friends and closest relatives for his brand of sarcastic humor juxtaposed with an absudist yet smart observational mindset. Most importantly, however, he is also renown for dating starlet Scarlett Johannsen upon her 21st birthday until her conviction for stalking him months later.

that's when i'll know that i'll have made it.

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crazyvirgo said...

if only.