Thursday, February 23, 2006

how someone needs to be swinging a folding chair

i don't know all the details of the UAE taking over our ports. honestly, i really don't, and although it sounds terrible with all the ties to terrorism, you have to believe that our government isn't that incompetent or greedy to put us in that much risk.

hopefully, that is. our administration hasn't really proven otherwise, but c'mon, that's common sense, ain't it?

ain't it?

anyone else with me?


anyways, what really disturbes me is that the president wasn't made aware of it.

and that got me thinking that this whole thing, our country, is somewhat like professional wrestling.

just follow me on this.

you have the current administration, which is elected into office under very nefarious and questionable means. that establishes their role as heels, the people you love to hate. but we still don't know much about them, awaiting for their characters to build, so we just hang back and see.

but then 9/11 happens, and bush takes control and everyone loves him. ah, he goes from a heel to a babyface. and we follow him as he invades afghanistan and then iraq. we cheer - at least, most of us do. some still harbor anger from his days as a heel and, to their credit, iraq does sound fishy.

we begin to question him again. our loyalty is lessening.

then information eventually comes out about the lies of iraq and the torture in abu gharib and before you know it, he turns. he's a full-fledged heel. he's not even hiding it anymore, he's shoving it in our faces, not even trying to play babyface and we're angry at ourselves. how did we not see this coming? his act after 9/11 was a swerve. we were duped into following him. he's no good. his cronies are no good.

and for the next couple of years, their reign of terror continues, much like any effective heel stable. i can go over all the dastardly and incompetent things they've done like katrina and all that, but you know them. you live here. you know. they're now operating on the level of rowdy roddy piper, throwing coconuts in the face of all their opponents and then laughing at them. or the four horsemen, breaking the legs of anyone in their way. all with the arrogance of vince mcmahon.

but then, things slightly unravel. the second in command shoots someone in the face and tries to cover it up - so much so that he doesn't tell the president. and then, the adminstration doesn't tell the president about the whole UAE guarding our ports. that always happened with hulk hogan. he would befriend someone (like paul orndorff), and they would begin subordinating and then, eventually, they would turn on hulk.

so, if the script holds, the president has to break, right? this can't happen, right? ain't this insubordination at the highest levels?

if this were wrestling, we'd be expecting cheney to hit bush with a chair. or for bush to come to his senses and suddenly attack his adminstration, beating them one by one until he's the only man left standing in the ring - and we embrace the president again as a babyface. he sees the light. we cheer.

but those are pipe dreams, aren't they? i mean, asking our government to behave like professional wrestling seems like a task way too big for them.

and that, my friends, is such a sad state of affairs.

'cause, if you ask me, someone really deserves a folding chair to the back of the head.

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