Saturday, February 04, 2006

how apartment hunting is like a hot summer night

i checked out a bunch of apartments on saturday, the last one in russian hill.

there was a group of us waiting outside, and we followed along inside as the rental agent opened the door and walked everyone up the steps. none of us knew each other and as we moved up the steps, we kinda jockeyed for position, moving slow and fast, determined and confused, up a step and suddenly stopping and then going again, too many of us for a small staircase. it was strange, but it brought me back to my front porch as a kid when i just eyed fireflies in the air in front of me - moving in small darts, up and down and left and right.

we potential renters, we were all fireflies.

and then we entered the apartment which could not have been smaller. i'm talking small living room, smaller bedroom, barely workable kitchen and a midget toilet/shower. everyone walking around, looking for something but finding nothing, in a circle, getting to know the space we're trapped in while trying not to bump into each other.

you know, like fireflies in a jar.

when the rental agent asked if anyone were interested, half of us opened the door and left.

like if that jar were suddenly opened.

i don't know what to make of it.

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