Thursday, February 09, 2006

how there's nothing like california in february

i spent the whole day outside in the 70 degree sun, laying flat on my back in golden gate park, shirtless below the cloudless sky.

dogs barked. teenagers laughed. baseball players warmed up. sprinklers pumped.

the sun was just hot enough to make its presence known. when i wasn't absorbing its rays, i read my book.

it was that kind of day.

later, when i had enough of perfection, i decided to walk to the greek restaurant for some hummus. in front of me, waiting for the red light to turn green, was an elderly couple - i'm guessing they were in their eighties. neither was five foot tall. he had hearing aids beside both ears, and her posture wasn't the best. they spoke in the most gentlest terms to each other, the most tender small talk you'll ever hear.

he was as italian as any of my relatives. and she was as chinese as anyone on the street.

and as the light turned green, together they walked, stepping in unison, holding hands, fingers intertwined, forever in love.

like i said, it was that kind of day.


Anonymous said...

you had me at shirtless.....

sounds like a perfect day. if only sienna miller would have been there to hold you book and turn the pages for you.

E. Diddy said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I love days and moments like those.