Wednesday, February 15, 2006

how they'll never learn

vice president dick cheney accidentally shoots a fellow hunter.

okay, that's the story. it's an accident.

now, if the vp faced the music at the start and was forthcoming over what seems to be an accident, then it would have been over now. it's an accident. nothing more.

but the first reaction, not only in government but in corporate america and our society as a whole, is to cover it up - as if the truth won't be found out. or, in another tactic, they'll give out false leads or not commenting at all. or, in what is becoming even more popular, they'll give out what stephen colbert calls "truthiness", which is portraying whatever version of the truth you want people to believe and making it sound like the absolute truth.

but, no matter what the tactic, the vp decided that, instead of being forthcoming and being honest about what is an accident, his best recourse would be to divvy out as little information as he can to whomever he cherrypicks.

and when that happens, imaginations run wild and conspiracy theorys sprout up. so, since there's so little information out there, people question why because there has to be a reason why.

and that makes the original story a lot more interesting, even if it isn't.

and i hope it isn't.

so what's my point here? a little honesty and being forthcoming and upfront would have ended it, and he wouldn't look as bad as he does right now.

but nobody nowadays ever seems to realize this. everybody's all about the spin. but when you keep on spinning, you dig a hole for youself.

why is it that i'm the only one who understands this?

by the way, here's a damn funny cartoon from the san francisco chronicle about this whole mess.

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