Friday, February 17, 2006

how it's hard to find a good role model even when there's one in our midst

the american athletes are leaving very little to like in the olympics so far - and i'm not talking about their disappointing performances during their events.

first, you've got the overly hyped bode miller, who screwed the pooch during his first two events. but that's okay. nobody's perfect. but when you try to come across as being "too cool" and saying that you just don't really care about medals and such, well, it starts sounding more of a buil-in excuse than anything else.

and then you've got johnny weir, who also screwed the pooch during his figure skating routine. but again, that's okay. but what's not okay is blaming it on a bus that didn't arrive on time and not being able to find his "aura". grow up. you had a bad day. that makes you human.

and then you've got lindsay jacobellis, who instead of playing it safe and winning the gold, decided to showboat and wound up losing. well, that's what you get when you showboat. but then trying to cover it up afterwards and saying that she did it for "balance", well, look, i've never been on a snowboard, but people who have been are calling her out for that comment. she showboated. she made a mistake. own up to it.


but then we have linday kildow, who survived a terrifying crash and a hospital stay to come in eighth in an event she was favored to win. she battled through excruciating pain and with very little motion. did i mention the inflammatories and painkillers?

now, you don't have to win to have a fantastic story. that's a nice brave role model.

here's the crappy part. i had to google her name.

come on, americans. we're pulling for you. show a little class. that's all we ask.

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