Monday, February 20, 2006

how i'm just giving it all away


as some of you may know, i'm moving from a 3 BR in the inner sunset to a 1BR in the inner richmond. why is this important? because in the past four years, i have had four different roommates. and when they all moved out, they all left random shit.

i know this because i just had to clean it up.

anyways, everything they left is superfluous, and i want none of it and i don't have the time to sell any of it. so, if you're in san francisco and if you want anything from the following list, call me and pick it up. it's yours for free. and if you want to in turn around and sell it, go ahead. i couldn't care less.

here's the list. the first one to pick it up takes it.

2 egg crates
2 file stands
1 toaster
1 mr. coffee
2 ironing boards
1 a bevelled mirror (in original packaging)
2 computer cases
1 suitcase
1 keyboard for imac
1 concert poster for the doors at the isle of wight
1 concert poster for springsteen at the nassau coliseum
1 vcr
1 some sort of weightlifting bar (still in original packaging)

you could probably get $10 for the vcr on ebay.

if you don't pick it up, it goes in the garbage. i don't want to be bothered with any of it past my move - and i have no space for me, if i could do an actual yard sale and make $30, i would, but i don't have the time, effort or patience.

i feel like fred sanford but with a slightly better gait.

let me know.

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save me the bruce poster