Tuesday, February 14, 2006

how it's not a sport, no matter how you twirl it

figure skating has always been a rigged exhibition performed by talented athletes - but it is a performance based upon opinion, much like the academy awards.

alas, it's beautiful to watch.

but, to make it more of a sporting event, new rules were developed to help legitimize it - and already, they don't work.

last night (or morning - i forget how it works), chinese figure skating couple zhang dan and zhang hao punctuated their routine by trying something unprecedented called the quadruple salchow throw (yes, i copy-and-pasted it).

zhang dan wasn't able to land. in fact, she splattered, horribly injuring her knee.

five minutes later, they continued their routine and won the silver medal.

okay, what?

first off, they were credited for trying the move. it didn't matter that they weren't able to do it; they got credit for trying. does that sound wrong to anyone else? i mean, if i were to try to throw a fastball past a-rod and he hits it out of the park, i don't get credit for an out, do i? i mean, if you're gonna get credit for the quadruple salchow throw, you better land it. if i twirl in the air while walking to the deli, do i get credit for it too?

that doesn't make sense. you shouldn't get credit for failing.

and then they're able to finish their routine five minutes later? i mean, that's valiant and brave, but does anyone else think that's wrong too? i mean, if you try the quadruple salchow throw and you fail and hurt yourself, well, thank you for trying. that's the risk in trying it.

jim caple from espn wrote that if michelle kwan knew those were the rules, she should re-enter the competition and do her routine one jump at a time. it's in the rules. might as well take advantage of it.

and he's right about that.

so yeah, that's my rant on this subject. i'll watch it, i guess, 'cause it is beautiful and graceful and sasha cohen is kinda smoking.

but not the guys. i ain't watching the guys.

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