Monday, February 06, 2006

how to make predictions

seriously, i wrote this about the super bowl. scroll down and check it out:

prediction #1: there will be a very bad pass interference call that will eventually lead to a touchdown.

and prediction #2: another touchdown will be called back due to a phantom holding call.

those two are indisputable.

this following prediction is 50/50: a play will not be overturned on instant replay, even though there's enough conclusive visual evidence to do so.

so, prediction #1 didn't come true unless you're a whiny seahawks fan who thought that the pass interference call on darrell jackson in the end zone was unfair (and that would really be pushing it - no pun intended).

but on #2, the holding call on sean locklear when clark haggans caught a touchdown was definitely a terrible call. absolutely.

and the 50/50 prediction came true on ben roethlisberger's disputed touchdown fall that didn't appear to cross the plane, even though i still think it was too close to overturn. the crime in that, however, was that the line judge changed his call to touchdown.

it's just a shame that in a league blessed with parity and unpredictablility, the one thing you can rely on week in and week out is referee incompetence.

they gotta get that righted.

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Anonymous said...

The Seahawks got robbed. Yes, by the refs, but also, by their coach. Did they think Shaun Alexander was sick that day? What kind of play calling was that? The Seahawks clearly had the better team that day --Roethlisberger looked stoned the whole game-- but their poor coaching cost them the game. Really sad. It should have been another blow out. The Steelers played like crap.