Wednesday, February 15, 2006

how i've changed the name of my blog

i was thinking about how "the steveohville tribune" just didn't fit with what this blog was about. "tribune" gives the appearance of a newspaper, of facts being unearthed and researched and put forth, as a beacon of respectability and responsibility.

that's not really what this blog is. you see, i'm a clown.

i take the news - big or obscure - and then riff on it or, when i feel like it, i just gab about myself. it's kind of like me sitting in a bar with a couple of friends, drinking sierra nevadas and just having a four hour conversation about many different things, but really trying to make each other laugh.

that's exactly what this blog is. but i can't serve any beer here. technology hasn't advanced that far.

so, until that glorious day arrives, welcome to the steveohville speakeasy. grab a seat. your wiseass will be with you in a moment.


Anonymous said...

genius. why didn't you think of this before?
not serving beer won't be a problem as long as you have beer when you're writing your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got an outdated, trite moniker, too (it was original at the time), but I stuck with it. After all, wasn't it President Bush who said, "You don't change horses midstream"? And look how well THAT turned out.