Sunday, February 05, 2006

how everyone's gonna ask me

so i might as well answer it here.

as usual, the commercials sucked during the super bowl.

but, as for the ones i did like (or rather, didn't make me think what a waste of money that was):

- the ESPN mobile ad with the guy walking down the block checking his phone as a non-stop world of sports and athletes (like johan santana, jim edmonds, stephon marbury and baron davis, among others) happens around him. it's not the biggest idea in the world, but it's incredibly done. in fact, the production makes the idea seem bigger. and "a summer song" by chad and jeremy was the perfect choice for the music.

- my buddy will's emerald nuts ad, because it weirded me out. well done, will, well done.

- the anheuser-busch ad with the guys on the roof. funny idea. i don't really love the busch humor - it's too obvious and simple - but this made me laugh aloud. they spent enough to get me to appreciate it once.

- the ameriquest ad, where the doctors zap the fly as the mother and daughter think their father/son had died. that was difficult to type but easy to laugh at.

- the fed ex ad where the caveman tries to send something by pterodactyl. i especially like the part where he kicks the baby dragon or whatever and then gets stomped on by a dinosaur. but then again, i like that type of humor.

and that's it.

of course, judging by the espn poll, i'm completely off with the rest of the country.

then again, the rest of the country thinks "my big fat greek wedding" is high art.


Anonymous said...

I liked the Michelob Light strategy: "Light beer just got a little darker," it's got a lot of potential for better spots. But I did like to see that girl get decked (I'm mean).

Anonymous said...

agreed, young steve. wise you are.
that's your friend will that does emerald nuts? is he also the guy that in the comcast spots? i swear i've seen that guy before.
i'm with you on the ameriquest ads. hilarious.
bud light. stinky. gave me bitter beer face.
also, would some SHOOT the woman in the moon?