Saturday, February 24, 2007

how you learn some not-so-wonderful things through the magic of television

i have "austin city limits" tivoed as a season pass. i highly recommend that you do so, too. it's a show that telecasts live performances of stars from rock, country, rap, soul and, well, you name it, they've been on this show. and, for the most part, they're great to actually see command a stage.

austin is a music mecca, and rightfully so.

right now, i'm watching etta james. she sounds exactly how i've heard her on my vinyl and my mp3s. i could be listening to that, but this is more fun, if not for one glaring visual obsession:

she has the largest hands i've ever seen.

and i mean it.

i can't take my eyes of her hands. they're very large. it's gotten to the point where i'm looking at the hands of the other musicians on stage to see if theirs are out of proportion too, but they ain't. it's like she has flesh-colored boxing gloves on.

i just looked again. dammit.

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