Monday, February 05, 2007

how i'm convinced that he just can't help himself

i couldn't sleep last night. it might have had something to do with the gallon of mucus partying in my nose and lungs. good times. so instead of staring at the ceiling in my bedroom, i moved myself to the living room, so i can at least listen to the tv while i fail to fall asleep.

anyways, i put "mike and mike in the morning" on. they're a sports radio show that's aired on espn2. they do a good job, especially when i'm past tired.

they interviewed dick vitale about tony dungy, which is a natural, considering that if anybody knows what it's like to be a black football coach, it's dickie v.

so he's going on about tony dungy, and i feel like i heard the alarm going off in "lost" when the timer counts down.

"oh, when you think of tony dungy and what he means to the sport..."

t minus 5, 4, 3...

"you have to think his coaching transcends sports and color..."


"coaches like coach k mike kryzewski and the general, robert montgomery knight..."


seriously, is there any conversation you can have with dickie v where he doesn't reference those guys? iraq, the national debt, child molestation, christmas, the big bang, math, a recipe for coq au vin...i'd be willing to bet that dickie v can fit in coach k and the general into any topic. that's his talent. shoehorning.

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