Saturday, February 17, 2007

how it might be gearing up again, and i couldn't be happier

about five years ago, i would get random e-mails from women around the world, professing their love for me. or, at least, for my e-mail address. seems that some dude with an address similar to mine - in fact, one slight misspelling off - has been travelling the world on a boat, and loving and leaving women at every port.

seriously. that wasn't a joke.

i struck up a conversation with one from his harem, and she filled in most of that information in exchange of what i knew. this is a guy who lives an interesting life. can't say i'm not envious.

but i guess he's slowed down, 'cuz it's been quiet for awhile.

until tonight:

Hey my beuatiful babe!

Im so sorry i couldnt reach you, and ive been so torned that i havent been able to contact you in any way. All i wanted to do was to hear you voice, i miss you terrible and i have no words for it left. Ive spent loads of money on payphones in every kind and its been so hard to try to fins acc. to with no phone in hand. So if you would send it to me i would be more than greatful.
So i can hear your voice again and know how you're feelin and how you're doin. I found a house to stay in, is a room and the owners live there to, she is very old and he doesnt speak very good english. But its 90 dollars a week and quite close to the school. Ill tell you mpre about it later babe, Internet time is running out.

I miss you so much and wish you could be here w me or i couls be in your arms again..

Thank you for everything you are the best i could ever ask for!

With all my love

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