Friday, February 09, 2007

how my skepticism protected me

i'd been getting a call a day from 513-573-8739. i don't know anyone in the 513 area code. and they weren't leaving messages. (note: unlike most of the american populace, i view someone calling me as an option, not a command).

so i used my good friend google and did some research.

(513) is cincinnati.

don't know anyone there.

that's odd.

so then i typed in the whole number on the off-chance that something came up.


here's some insightful reading:

I have got a few calls over the past two weeks to my Grand Central number by a company saying they are Macy’s credit control department. Since I don’t have a Macy’s account I didn’t bother returning the call.

Tonight however I received a call on my Talkplus number which I have never given to anyone.

This piqued my interest and I decided to give them a call and do some digging.
The number is 513-573-8739 and its in Mason Ohio.

Usual scenario, ” Can we have your social service number?”
I don’t have one I’m from Ireland.
Would you have a credit card number so I can check it against your Macy’s account.
So avoid like the plague.

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mels said...

thank god i googled this number! I got two missed calls from them yesterday. I live in sf too--those bored midwesterners gotta leave us the hell alone.